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Our mission is to better the lives of ONE MILLION Americans suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression  by providing the best cbd oil products & information!

OUR full spectrum CBD Oil tinctures

Our ALL NATURAL, premium grade Phytonutrient Rich CBD Oil is derived from state certified hemp farms and extraction labs in Colorado. Once extracted, our GMP certified manufacturer skillfully creates world class oils which are batch tested and then ready for us to ship to you!

Our 1oz tinctures below contain differing amounts of CBD:

500mg | 750mg | 1500mg



**Most first time customers start with our 500mg tincture which you can choose to get in our Mint Flavor. You can always take more as needed, which is better than starting with too strong of a concentrate.



hear from those who’ve reclaimed their now!

CBD Oil Testimonial Image

I’ve dealt with terrible pain in my left knee for the past 10 years without much success, but taking Now CBD has helped relieve a lot of the pain on a day to day basis and has made things much more tolerable…highly recommend!

Patricia R. / Full Spectrum CBD Oil (750mg)
CBD Oil Testimonial Image 2

Heard about CBD about a year ago, but only tried it just recently. Now CBD is the real deal! I have been able to get to sleep almost immediately taking just a few drops before bed when normally I have trouble falling asleep…can’t believe how effective it is.

Sweeney D. / Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg)
CBD Oil Testimonial Image 3

I’ve dealt with chronic back pain pretty much my whole adult life. I decided to try CBD oil as recommended by a friend and my life has vastly improved! I take first thing in the morning and within a half hour most of the nagging pains are completely gone. It’s almost a tiny miracle!

Cindy C. / Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1500mg)


In addition to our Full Spectrum CBD Oils, we have created several other products from pure CBD isolate.


For those experiencing joint pain and inflammation, our CBD topical relief gel may be the perfect solution for immediate and staying relief. Simply apply directly to the area of pain, and let our CBD rich calming gel help relieve pain right away.

CBD Cream for Pain Relief - 500mg

Our Pain Relief Gel Roller (90ml) contains 500mg of CBD isolate as well as other healing ingredients!

Apply directly to skin; use as needed.


Derived from the same CBD rich hemp plants, our CBD capsules contain only CBD extract from the plant (and not the full spectrum of other components such as nutrient-rich terpenes and minuscule traces of THC.

Our CBD capsules are great for those who prefer taking capsules over oil drops, and for those who may be concerned about the trace amounts of THC found in full spectrum oil. These CBD capsules are an equally effective alternative for most so we recommend trying them first if you prefer taking taking a more pure form of CBD.

Now CBD Capsules - 25mg Per Capsule

Our 750mg Capsule Bottle contains 30 capsules, meaning each capsule contains 25mg of CBD isolate. Recommended serving size is 1 capsule a day, however, you can increase intake as needed.


The Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil


More than just CBD…our oil tinctures contain full spectrum hemp derived cbd oil!

This means they contain all the natural phytonutrients and terpenes found in hemp plants.

Non Psychoactive CBD Oil


Our full spectrum CBD oils contain trace amounts (<0.3%) of THC. This is non-psychoactive amount is perfectly legal and helps active and enhance the CBD in your body. 

Our CBD isolate products (capsules and pain gel) contain Zero THC.

CBD Oil Made in Colorado


The federal and state approved industrial hemp farms in U.S. produce some of the most natural and nutrient rich hemp plants in the world

We source, extract, and product our CBD products from certified farms and manufacturers in Colorado.

CBD Oil Company for Good Causes

For every Now CBD product purchased, we donate $1 to charity.

Currently, we are donating to the Wounded Warrior Project to help those suffering from P.T.S.D.


This nation’s dependency on ineffective, overpriced, addictive, and harmful drugs such as anti-depressants and opioids has reached critical mass and we are all suffering from it either directly or indirectly.

The solution to overcome this epidemic is already available…CBD…and it’s abundantly grown right here in our country’s own nutrient rich, all natural hemp fields!

Now it’s our job to help educate and provide premium, yet affordable CBD products to those whom could benefit from the amazing, all natural healing powers of CBD. 

*approximately 40 million adults between the ages of 18 to 54 suffer from anxiety disorders. – National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

*Every day, more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids

*Fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic pain conditions. The disorder affects an estimated 10 million people in the U.S.

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Friends & family refeRral program

Our Friends and Family referral program is a customer favorite plus its free to join!

When you join, you receive 10% OFF all future orders for yourself and also everyone you share with!

Even better….we pay you 25% of all sales that come in through your referrals!

You’re paid every month, directly via Paypal!

…Yup, It’s that simple!

No way! How can you do this?

Well since CBD is still an unknown topic for many big companies, it is very hard to advertise.

So, we decided to take our advertising budget and literally give those dollars back to our customers for their word of mouth support! 

Now CBD Oil Referral Program
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now CBD donates to the Wounded warrior project

Every Bottle Purchased = 1 Dollar Donated!

For every tincture or capsules bottle purchased here at Now CBD, we donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project.

At the end of every month we write a check to this foundation that goes toward helping our soldiers battle PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). This also helps spread awareness to those battling PTSD that CBD is a possible solution for helping inhibit anxiety and stress associated with traumatic events. 

Those suffering from PTSD usually test for lower levels of endocannabinoids. Normally, these parts of our system help disarm such traumatic memories from our brain; so those with such deficiency are more apt to experience chronic anxiety and other symptoms linked to PTSD.

CBD (aka Cannabinoids) helps re-arm our bodies with proper endocannabinoid levels to ward off these symptoms and regain normal function.

Wounded Warrior P.T.S.D. CBD Oil Donations