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500MG – Extra Strength Topical Relief

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I never have used any CBD products until two weeks ago. I am 58 years old and have arthritis which causes me a lot of pain in my hands, back and neck. I feel I get relief from pain after applying the topical gel.
I want to get away from using so much acetaminophen and anti-inflammatories. It absorbs quickly, is not greasy and the the scent is unique but pleasant to me.
Cindy C. / Topical Relief Gel

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I use the CBD tincture oil for helping me sleep, but my favorite product is the topical relief gel. I get instant relief and a lasting cooling senstation when I apply to my hands and wrists prior to my boxing workouts and after as well. Never had this much relief from any gel or cream, highly recommend! 
Sweeney D. / Topical Relief Gel & Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg)
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My anxiety on a daily basis started to become too much to handle and I didn’t want to get anything prescribed for it. I decided to try Now CBD and now I take it every day and sometimes a few extra drops when I sense a wave of overwhelm coming.

I’ve recommended to all of my sisters and they have all have enjoyed a calmer and clear-headed day-to-day lifestyle!

Patricia R. / Full Spectrum CBD Oil (750mg)


Now CBD 500MG Oil Tincture - Mint and Natural Flavor

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500MG – Mild Anxiety

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750MG – Extra Strength Pure CBD Isolate

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750MG – Moderate Anxiety

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1500MG – Severe Anxiety

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